Cloud Commander V0.6.0

Config Last version of Cloud Commander was released a month ago so today is time for new version. It could be downloaded here. Lets talk about fixes and features. Fix —— - When somebody go to url api/v1 Commander has been crashed. - Header was send twice all the time it’s wrong.


  • From now configuration is a little bit more pleasure process, because you could run it’s window with F10 key press or if you click on the button. Of Course you could edit file json/config.json if you want.
  • Express was added to Commander. And thing makes hime little bit faster. You could not install it, Commander will work without express to, but a little bit slower.
  • Changed the way css file is minifed. From now the would not do it on every start. Just when it’s real needed.
  • Changed the way process are started from command line. Exec function of node it’s good choice. But there is no streaming with exec. So if you run command which would produce a lot of data in stdout. So:
    • it would be slow and you will see result only at the end.
    • buffer could be ended.

So now Spawn function has been added so if symbols like: ”#, {, }, &, >, <” would be used - spawn would be called. Everything would be much faster with streams.

That’s all for today. Would be seen soon :).