Cloud Commander V0.5.0

So the day of new release of Cloud Commander is came. You could download it from here. Let’s talk a little bit about new features.

  1. Render was changed from “{, }” to handlebars style, which is “”. Thing is jekyll use it by default. So because works on Jekyll as like Ukrainian and Russian translations. It’s better to use single style.

  2. Add noindex and nofollow meta tags to index html. So no search bots would came to Commander and this is good.

  3. Add menu item (Un)Select All for Selection and UnSelection of files.

  4. Changed jqueryLoad so if there is no network connection jQuery will load from local server not remote.

  5. retExec and retFunc now can get any count of parameters.

  6. Add online option to config. So if it set to false. jQuery would load from local server.

  7. Changed minification option on Config to minify and now it’s boolean. There is no sense for manual setting up minifycation of such resources as css, html etc.

  8. Minify updated to v0.2.2

That is all for today. Be careful, if you would update Commander, please change Config file because this version is not compatible with old ones.