How To Write An Article On Wiki

So I tried to write an article about Cloud Commander in Wiki. But it’s harder then I thought. A couple minutes after creating it was marked as recommended for deletion. Well… OK, this was with me earlier but this message appears for a month and then it disappeared in some moment.

But this time everything was in another way. My topic was removed on a next day. And that’s all.

I was very angry for a first time. But later when I tried to understand why them do this. I have understood some very important things about writing articles on Wiki. So I want to share it with you:

  • in article should be links and information from third parties;
  • article should not copy information from owners site, it should be something different;
  • should be good and bad sides, not just promotion.
  • thing which is writing by you should be popular in some way.

I hope it will help somebody to save his time and do things in a right way so nobody would not feel hurt.