Cloud Commander V0.7.0

Let’s talk about new version. A couple things was fixed but features is great for real in this version. Today we will talk about such features as Combine, localStorage and Notification. First one is feature of Commander, and others is HTML5.


if you go to url /combine you could combine a couple files in one. So it would load much faster then bunch files on separate requests. So for styles it looks like this:

/combine + /css/reset.css + :  + css/style.css

Complete url would be:

Same thing for JavaScript. All this things could be possible because of node streams.

Local Storage

Next big thing is the way Local Storage is used in Cloud Commander. Folders content is saving to Storage on first came. It’s not a big deal.

But for now files content is saves to Storage to :). If option localStorage in config is set to “true”.

When file is opened for first time it’s content is saved to localStorage with hash tag. When you try to save something (and diff options is enabled), diff of file content is send to server, and new hash is getting up. So work with files should be much faster then is was.


That’s right, same notifications as GMail use for delivering message to Google Talk users. So, if you enable in Config this option, and would wright something in console with symbol # at begin, this message would be send to all connected users. And if some of them would be on other ten Commander tab, Notification would appear.

That is all for today. Have fun :).