When I was young all I know about my grandfather, it was things, my mother told me. All his life, my grandfather drive the freight trains. I thing it is one of the hardest work that could be imagined.

I always loved the trains. Freight trains especially. Roar with which they are carried, their smell, volume. All this mesmerizing me somehow.

Wherever I was, whatever I doing, always somewhere near me was trains. Yesterday undeground trains stopped transporting people. And today trams and trains help me out to get to place where a lot of trains moving all the time, Train Station. Thing is I am working near the Train Station.

Driving trains it is not all my grandfather do on his lifetime. He has skill of making furniture from wood. All furniture that was in his

home was made by himself. By the way, house where my grandparents lived was built by them.

Must be this factors very influenced at me and I have a very pragmatic attitude to things and knowledge that around me.

So when I creating some new service, program, script, I am trying to adhere the same principles. If you run Cloud Commander you will see that all things can do this file manager very useful for each day you want work with files or code something or anything that anybody just do.

When I working on it I try to do it as stable as train. With ability to be extended with wagons of usable modules.