Cloud Commander V5.1.2

Last version we’ve talk about was v3. Todays most acutal version is v5.1.2 and what is happen with Cloud Commander during 2 major releases and a lot minors and patches is a main topic of todays talk.


That is right. Context menu has logout item that will clear http-auth headers when you will click it starting from v3.2.0


Cloud Commander could be used as express middleware, feel free to experiment :).

var http        = require('http'),
    cloudcmd    = require('cloudcmd'),
    express     = require('express'),
    io          = require(''),
    app         = express(),

    PORT        = 1337,
    PREFIX      = '/cloudcmd',

server = http.createServer(app);
socket = io.listen(server, {
    path: PREFIX + '/'

    socket: socket,
    config: {
        prefix: PREFIX,


File packing

You can pack couple files starting from v3.7.0. Nice feature to have.


You can download folders as archives starting from v3.8.0. And upload directories via drag’n’drop from v4.1.0.

HTML Dialogs

v4.6.0 bring ability to use html dialogs with help of smalltalk


Date of modification

In v5.1.0 date columnt appered with help of readify and shortdate help.


That’s all folks

That is all for today folks. Subscribe to twitter follow on github and have a lot fun :).